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Doyle Shark Nasal Splint

The flat partition of the Doyle Shark Nasal Splint* is designed to lie against the septum. The upper portion fits over the superior aspect of the inferior turbinate and into the middle meatus lateral to the middle turbinate.
* Designed with assistance from Donald Doyle, M.D.

Doyle Airwayless Nasal Splint

The Doyle Airwayless Nasal Splint* is designed for general nasal splinting. This splint has the patented Doyle Fin which easily slides under the middle turbinate. The airwayless design facilitates use with nasal sponges.
* Designed with assistance from Donald Doyle, M.D.
All Nasal Splints have the Ultra-smooth Plus® surface treatment. This proprietary technology modifies the surface properties of silicone. Ultra-smooth Plus® treated silicone is thromboresistant, resistant to biofilm germination, bacterial and fungal growth, and has less surface friction. See Ultra-smooth Plus® page for further information.

Ordering Information

Code No.
Shark –Rright
Shark –Lleft
Shark –Ppair (left and right )
Code No.
DSA –Lleft
DSA –Rright
DSA –Ppair (left & right)  
  • Airway to facilitate patient breathing
  • Soft medical-grade silicone facilitates patient comfort and ease of introduction
  • Can be used with or without nasal packing
  • “Fin” slides easily under the middle turbinate
  • Radiopaque for better visualization
  • Fin of Doyle Airwayless easily slides under middle turbinate

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