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  • Hood & Eliachar Nasal Splints

Hood Nasal Splints

The Hood Nasal Splint is designed to reduce the incidence of synechiae formation between the turbinates and lateral nasal wall after nasal surgery. The shape and three varieties of thickness afford generous septal coverage. Splints can be easily trimmed to facilitate insertion.
* Designed with assistance from Isaac Eliachar, M.D.
All nasal splints have been treated with Ultra-smooth Plus® surface treatment. This proprietary technology modifies the surface properties of silicone. Ultra-smooth Plus® treated silicone is thromboresistant, resistant to biofilm germination, bacterial and fungal growth, and has less surface friction. See Ultra-smooth Plus® page for further information.

Ordering Information

Code No.Thickness (mm)
NS 1–S1
NS 1.5–S1.5
NS 2–S2
  • Suture hole for easy suturing
  • Radiopaque for ease of visualization
  • Soft implant-grade silicone for patient comfort and easy insertion
  • Flap can be used to provide additional airway

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