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Tellez Nasal Splints

The general use Tellez Nasal Splints* offer the largest airways available in silicone. They are designed to ease post placement management and increase patient comfort. These very soft, medical-grade, silicone splints have been treated with Ultra-smooth Plus® surface modification treatment which decreases both surface adhesion and airway o bstruction.
* Designed with assistance from G. J. Tellez, M.D.

Ordering Information

Code No.Size
A: Tellez – 3Large
B: Tellez – 2Medium
C: Tellez – 1regular
Code No.Six Packs
A: Tellez – 3 – 6Pack of 6 large splints
B: Tellez – 2 – 6Pack of 6 medium splints
C: Tellez – 1 – 6Pack of 6 regular splints
  • Largest airways available in silicone
  • Largest airway available for general nasal splint applications
  • Soft medical-grade silicone facilitates patient comfort and ease of introduction

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