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Patients who have had more than basic dilation of the papilla may benefit from short-term  intubation to allow for drainage of the saliva duct.  The stent can be placed into the salivary duct via the papilla after an incision or a papilotomy of the Wharton's or Stenson's duct.  The stent can be placed via a sialodochotomy.

The Walvekar Salivary Duct Irrigating Stent™ has the additonal feature  of a Luer-lock attachment on either end to facilitate  the infusion of medication or the irrigation of saline after stent is inserted. 
Code No.Outside Diameter (mm)Inside diameter (mm)Length C (mm) (mm)
WIS-1.4-S-GW (STERILE)  1.40.7110

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