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Pedi-Endo Pacifier™

The Pedi-Endo Pacifier™ is used to perform flexible esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy while an infant or toddler is sucking on, or feeding through, the pacifier. It is designed to quiet and calm a child before and during oral flexible endoscopy.

The Pedi-Endo Pacifier™ is designed to allow feeding through or sucking on, a pacifier-type device while the physician passes a 4.5mm endoscope. The pacifier has a larger than normal external cap which facilitates handling, stabilizing, and passing the scope with minimal disruption to the child. Distally, the bulb incorporates an opening which forms a seal at the endoscope’s entry point into the oral cavity when the scope is in place. A separate channel with a luer-lock syringe adapter allows the introduction of dye or formula for swallowing evaluations. The shaft of the endoscope is lubricated with either mineral spirits or a recommended lubricant to facilitate the introduction through the silicone pacifier into the oral cavity.

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionA Bulb DiameterB Bulb Length
Pedi-EndoInfant size pacifier bulb17mm O.D.30mm
  • Bulb is soft, anatomically designed silicone
  • Port for the measured introduction of fluids
  • Proximal hub allows easy handling

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